D A V I D  H O R N B A C K

  Born: Los Angeles 1962
  Raised in Wichita, Kansas 1967-1980
  Wichita East 1977-80
  University of Kansas 1980-1984
  Chosen US College Photographer of the Year/NAACP 1983
  Southerns Short Course Student Photographer of the Year 1984
  Freelance for National Geographic 1984-85, 1990-91
  Florida Panther, cover photo of National Geographic World 1984
  Renaissance Festival, National Geographic 1985
  San Jose (California) Mercury News staff photographer 1985
  Move to Berlin freelanced behind the wall, 1986-1987
  Berlin von Aussen, exhibition in Berlin Academy of Art, 1987
  Tucson, Arizona, freelance photographer1987-1988
  San Jose Mercury News staff photographer 1988-1990
  Cover of Loma Prieta Earthquake, San Francisco 1989*
  (*Pulitzer Prize with news staff for earthquake coverage)
  Cover the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989
  Returned to Europe 1990 (Berlin and Seville)
  Stringer for Reuters, Siemens, other in the WorldExpo in Seville, 1990-1992
  Freelance Istanbul 1993
  Freelance Seville-Berlin 1992-1997
  Freelance Seville-Berlin-Bllbao 1997-2005
  Freelance Berlin-Bilbao 2005-present
  Video projects in Tanzania, Argentina and Croatia 2008-2010

 places I have lived:
  Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose (California),
  Wichita (Kansas), Kansas City (Missouri), Jackson (Mississippi),
  West Palm Beach (Florida), Providence (Rhodes Island),   Washington D. C., and Tucson (Arizona). As well in Europe:
  Berlin, Istanbul, London, Cologne, Seville and Bilbao.