David Hornback Photography
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New Book in 2020: Where the Hell is Wichita?

Book presentation and conferences 2020:

New York 12 March : The Elizabeth Collective

Bilbao 20 March : Aldama Fabre Gallery

The Elizabeth Collective - 10 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

New work in 2020

Opening 11 June in the Aldama Fabre Gallery in Bilbao

Portraits / Retratos

David Hornback on Street Photography



Assignments, travel, published, projects.


Where the Hell is Wichita?

Portrait of my family, Wichita 1977-1980

Wichita High School East

My East High classmates 1977-1980

My images alongside Paris classic street photographers

Berlin Diary

Big city blues in the old German capital